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go opcoes binarias paypal One of the most stressful aspects of my job is making sure that the projects we’re working on come to fruition without a hitch, that the launches are successful, and that people want to come back to the restaurants for more. Well, I am proud to say that I can tick all three of those boxes for the Intersect by Lexus concept that we recently worked on and that officially launched last night.

http://bri-tonwv.com/?pokrivalis=site-rencontre-gameuse&b84=69 Let me put it this way: the opening party was just incredible. I’m not one for boasting, but I am very proud of what my team and I pulled off. Well done, everyone! The vibe was fantastic, the crowd that came down was beautiful, the food – an array of warm and cold canapés inspired by the menu that Intersect’s talented chef Tomas Reger developed – was moreish, and Mark Ronson even stopped by to play us a few tunes so needless to say the music was incredible too.

site de rencontre francophones I’m not sure how much you know about Intersect by Lexus? Basically, the unique concept was started in Tokyo in 2013, with Dubai following suit this year. Neither a Lexus dealership nor a traditional retail space, Intersect by Lexus is a sort of ‘third space’ between home and work where guests can experience the brand without getting behind the steering wheel of a Lexus car, instead enjoying world-class food in a very stylish setting. Developed by renowned interior designer Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall Inc, Intersect by Lexus is a space you need to take a look at soon. (Our team posted some pictures of the interior on our Facebook page.)

conocer gente ingles traduccion Here’s to many more successful launches to come!

http://caboclonharaue.com/?kreosan=op%C3%A7%C3%B5es-binarias-brasil&977=79 Cheers,

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