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see url source url Conventionally, the F&B side of hotel operations has been cursed with low margins and a hefty dependency on occupancy levels. As an F&B consultant and developer I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many hotel owners and investors in the past, and when I’ve asked the majority of them what the reason is for offering F&B services despite the above, most respond by saying that it’s largely as a result of business tradition than any practical presumption that they’re going to add to bottom line. As a byproduct, paying serious attention to – or spending money on – F&B offerings hasn’t exactly been on the top of the list of priorities for hotel owners.

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watch Sanjeev Kapoor is one of the world’s most well known chefs. A TV personality with over sixty restaurants and more than 150 books in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati, this is a man who knows his Indian cuisine. Founder and managing director of The Cutting Edge Agency, Duncan Fraser-Smith, sat down with Sanjeev to talk challenges, how little things might ruin your restaurant, and what causes F&B concepts to fail

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matchmaking abuse rocket league I’m sad to say that while restaurant design has long been admired in the F&B world, it’s only recently that menus have started grabbing the attention of creatives, restaurateurs, investors and diners. Having said that, I think that the days of Arial and Gill Sans splayed across glossy paper are virtually over, with most high-end eateries now giving as much love to their menus as they do to their cuisine and interiors. That makes me a very happy man.

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